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Call: 0333 700 2 247 Email:
24 hour locksmith - Your local locksmith24 hour locksmith - Your local locksmith


How To Select The Right Trustworthy Locksmith

Use our list of questions to ask a locksmith below when choosing what locksmith to let into your home. The right Locksmith will tick ALL these boxes.

  1. Is it a Local Call Number?
  2. Do you get through t a Locksmith Not a Call Centre?
  3. Is the Locksmith CRB Checked?
  4. Has the Locksmth Public Liability Insurance?
  5. Are The Locksmiths Branded both Uniform & Van?
  6. Can you Pay by Credit Card Machine, with no additional costs?
  7. Is the Response Time between 20-60min (approx) unless on another job?
  8. Do you get a Branded Invoice/ Bill & Business Cards?
  9. Are here Video Testirmonials on website?
  10. Do you Guarenteed Customer Satasfaction?
  11. Is there a price guarentee- your quoted is the price you pay?

Good Trustworthy Locksmiths will come to you understand your requirements and give an informed free no obligation quotation

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