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New Year New Locks

Get Secured

As we enter a new year ending with a 13, lets make sure this year is not an unlucky one when it comes to security of your home or place of business.

If your unsure who has a spare key to your home or business call LockMan he will quickly and efficiently replace your lock getting you back into control of your premises security.

Over the christmas break I attend a few homes and am always surprised to see so many poorly fitted locks. Things to look out for :

  1. Night latches with a large gap between latch on back of door and the latch keep- correctly fitted locks you cannot see the latch from inside.
  2. Euro locks in UPVC doors- still seeing locks sticking out of handle and therefore prone to lock-snapping. I put an article out on this last year and you can see it by clicking the link .

Don’t delay until it too late ring LockMan today on 0333 700 2 247

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