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    November Crime Stats for Donnington, Telford are out from

    Hi Just checking the latest crime stats for Telford starting with Donnington as that where I live.

    Although crime fell in November by 2.55% on Octobers results increases were seen with Public Order & Weapons from nothing in the previous two months to an alarming 5 incidents, 2 within Townsend Croft. Robbery also showed it ugly head with two occasions just off the parade and Turreff Avenue.

    On a positive note Burglary was down 9% but this equates to 1 reduction and as you see from below its a fairly consistant number over the three months, the hotspots around Jublee Road and along Wellington Road.

    Total CrimeBurglaryAnti Social BehaviorCriminal Damage and ArsonDrugsOther TheftPublic Disorder and weaponsRobberyShopliftingVehicle CrimeViolent Crime Other Crime

    What can be done to reduce this? Well firstly make sure your security is good at home. I can help by coming round and giving you a free security check.

    Things I focus on are:

    Are locks in a working state, are they the correct lock for the door, are they fitted correctly, do you require additional secondary security, how many keys are out there, do you know where they all are? need to change locks due to losing a key, id your back gate secure, do you have adequate lighting around your property. How easy would it take a burglar to entry your property?

    Look at the rest of my site and if you are concerned and need me to come round to review your security give me a ring on Telford 305304

    I have taken the data from the following source

    I am happy to continue to provide this information but please add comments so that i can see your thoughts. Please remember you should be safe and secure in your own home or business.

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    Stay safe and secure

    Lee from LockMan


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