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Telford Locksmith recently has found the majority of tenanted properties I have visited have poorly fitted locks installed.

All UPVC locks are oversized from outside allowing burglars the opportunity to snap the locks and gain entry with ease.

Locksnapping is on the increase and if your Euro lock sticks out more than 4mm from the handle then you are at risk of Burglary in your home.

So act now get onto your landloard and get them to ring your local Telford Locksmith LockMan and I will come and make your home secure.

This does not need to be an expensive replacement, Just speak to Telford Locksmith LockMan on 01952 305 304 and ask for landlord services where a special offer can be discussed.

The important thing is make tenants as secure in your property so that they feel like it is there home.

So if your a tenant dont stand for poorly fitted locks speak to your landlord.

Give them the number for LockMan 01952 305304. What burglars are doing is snapping the euro lock withdrawing the front half of the lock pushing through the other half and using a tool to unlock the multipoint lock in a matter of seconds without noise so you would be unaware if you were in the house.

As a telford locksmith, LockMan 247 Locksmiths will resolve this issue very quickly and fit the correct size lock as we carry a large selection of Euro locks on the vans. If you are unsure of the lock snapping risks ring LockMan on 01952 305304 and we can explain further or discuss any other locksmithing items. Author: Lee Bennett

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