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woman lockour upcvCrewe Locksmith – Door is stuck, Door Will Not Lock

Miss aligned Doors – Hot Weather – Beware of Mechs Breaking- Act Now

Problems Locking / Unlocking UPVC doors since the recent nice weather?



1.Lock will work whilst door is open but will not lock in the frame

2 Key snapping

3 Handle is hard to lift when locking up

4 Handle clicks when locking up

5 Door is sticking when opening or shutting.


These are all symptoms of Misaligned doors but beware if left unadjusted it can leade to failed Mechs and that when it really is a costly repair. Act Now Speak to your Crewe Locksmith

In the past two weeks since we have had the lovley weather I have seen approx 30 customers whos door wont lock or handle os tight when lifting- the heat is a contrubuting factor but the real route cause is Mis-Aligned doors.

Well there is good news a trained Crewe locksmith can normally bring the door back into correct alignment with 30mins of being onsite and more importantly without any additional parts being required. so only the labour charge to pay.

The bad news is that if left then over time you will damage the Mech so that it cannot be used again, and more often or not the mech fails in locked condition. The cost of this replacement of this part only are typically are between £100 & £200. then you have labour charge on top and some locksmiths will charge VAT also. So when the Mech fails the cost of the replacement can be anything between £150 and £399 depending on what locksmith you use. calculate VAT

So the answer is as soon as you get any of the symptons call LockMan 247 Crewe Locksmith and he will adjust the door for £49 only.


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