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A smart lock is one of the most important part of a smart home. Not does it allow you to leave your home as you like, but it also monitors who is entering and leaving your home while you are away. Some models of smart lock allow you to use your phone to open and close your door. Some of these locks allow you to assign special privileges to family members, maintenance staff and friends.

Some of these are activated using voice commands pr triggers from home automation services and devices. Here are few things to consider whole deciding on which smart lock to buy.

PRICE: One of the most thing to consider while you want to upgrade to smart locks is how much it will cost. It is known that a smart lock cost a lot more than standard locks you can pick up at the local store. So decide if you can afford this lock. Or get in touch with your local locksmith in shrewsbury.

INSTALLATION: These new locks are mostly easy and not difficult to install, a lot of them are quite easy. It is important to check if your new lock comes with the housing mount on the side of the door and touchpad or a keyed cylinder for exterior. You can also ask your 24-hour locksmith walsall to assist you in fitting the lock.

INTEGRATION: Some smart locks also comes with the option of integration with other connected home devices like the Smoke alarm detector, CO alarm trigger, smart light, water leak detector. Depending on the home automation setup design, you can pair your smart locks with doorbell cameras, rings so you can see who is at the door before you decide to unlock the door. You may want to ask your emergency locksmith wolverhampton for the best advice on smart lock integration.

FEATURES: The features of all smart locks vary. Some of these mobile lock comes with a mobile app that allows you to lock and unlock the doors with a simple icon tap. This app will allow you control your locks from wherever you are. Other features to look out for include touchpads, keyless, forced alarm entry to warm you of possible break in. Again don’t forget to ask your local locksmith Cannock.

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