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    SMART LOCKS OF 2017 provided by your local locksmith

    Over the last three decades, technology has been mind-blowing judging by the smart electronics devised therein. The home security sector is already on the boat with it some of the flashiest, safest and smartest locks ever invented. These smart locks work as part of a larger smart home meaning they require a preinstalled smart system before they are put to use. As such, their engineering consists of three primary parts: a wireless transceiver, a motor and a locking mechanism. Commonly, rechargeable batteries are used to power up the lock system. Now let’s take a closer look at three of the best locksmith Aston Birmingham smart locks of 2017 introduced in the market.

    1. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

    The Kwikset company has been in the security industry for a good number of years. In fact, it is among the first companies to offer smart-tech functionality integrated into conventional locks. Their deadbolt uses both RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and Bluetooth technologies to connect to smart devices for users to unlock their entry. Where does it excel? Well, its compatibility with two of the most popular smartphone platforms, IOS and Android, is striking. How it does this is through the device pairing technology. It can automatically recognise your device’s proximity using the radio waves and Bluetooth and automatically unlock the door. This is convenient when you have a handful of items on your hand. Kwikset lock also can generate unlimited keys which you can share with your beloved ones.  Now, how do you unlock your home when your smart device gets lost? First, the lock disables the smartphone unlock feature then allows you to open your deadbolt using physical keys manually. It is a clever failover should anyone have access to the lost phone illegally. With all these expediencies, it’s not surprising that this lock is expensive. Although, it’s a case of quality over quantity; an advanced security, for a deep dig into the pocket. So why not try a Kwikset Kevo smart lock for your home. Get in contact with Lockman 247 your local locksmith Fenton Stoke on Trent.

    1. Yale Touchscreen Smart lock

    If you are looking for a keyless, easy to install and smartphone compatible lock system all embedded in a single package, this one is hard to beat. It uses a backlit digital touchscreen keypad system to unlock your doors. This translates to the convenience of not having to carry everywhere your door keys. All you have to do is memorise a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you can easily reset using your backup device such as your smartphone when forgotten. Additionally, this deadbolt can be unlocked remotely making it convenient for visiting friends or family when you are out of reach. How about the power system? It’s thoughtful and impressive how the lock employs both the AC power and AA batteries for power. The reasoning here is, in a case of electricity outage your lock system can still use the backup batteries to operate, eliminating the possibility of a lockout. Also, when your batteries are running low on power, the deadbolt’s alarm system will notify you through an incessant, partially audible sound until you swap the batteries. Again, this smart lock will cost you a fortune, but worth it all the same. Why not try a Yale smart lock for your home. Get in contact with Lockman 247 your local locksmith Ford Shrewsbury.

    1. Schlage Sense Smart Lock

    Schlage Sense Company has one of the highest rated, secure and intelligent deadbolts in the market today. It utilises Apple’s smart home framework to manage locks. What is catchy about it is its intuitive IOS app-operated interface, voice command unlocking feature, and an alarm sensor for notification on anyone’s entry through a locked door. It works with a broad range of home automation products such as the Smart TV, notably Apple TV, for remote lock operation and management. To operate your door, you need to have the Schlage Sense app installed on your iPhone running IOS 8. The manufacturers are yet to migrate the app to other smartphone platforms such as Android citing weak security and system vulnerability reasons associated with these OS. Interestingly, this deadbolt allows you to share your unlock codes with different people, but you are limited to only thirty different pins and consequently shares. Furthermore, Siri (Apple smart bot) can also be used to manage your lock system. It serves as a convenience tool for the immobilised and elderly who might have difficulty climbing stairs or moving around the room. The only shortcoming about this deadbolt is the remote control dependent feature. Without a smart TV, you cannot operate your lock remotely. Why not try a Schlage smart lock for your business. Get in contact with Lockman 247 your 24 hour locksmith Bilston Wolverhampton.


    Picking the right smart lock will depend on a list of factors hard to mention in a single post, but most importantly it must include these three: convenience, security and affordability. The three enlisted locks above are tested, verified, and we can comfortably guarantee they will serve your home’s safety purpose impeccably.

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