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    Let’s face it; a lockdown has happened to almost all of us at least once in life. While it’s normal for panic and regret to cloud our minds then, learning how to respond will save you the trouble of spending long hours finding a solution. This following article will outline four steps you can use to handle any emergency.

    1. Keep calm

    Naturally, our minds shut down whenever we experience a panic situation, thereby blocking our ability to think rationally and act at will. Shockingly, our minds will react similarly in any situation arousing trouble, including losing a key. So, what can you do? First, you need to fight off that panic sensation by forcing your mind to relax. Psychologists recommend breathing in and holding in air for several seconds, then breathing out and repeating the cycle for at least two minutes. How will this help? Your mind will now focus attention on respiration releasing the panic thought. You can after that make profitable decisions unlike before when you’d be impulsive.

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    1. Trace your movements carefully

    After your mind relaxes, your thoughts will now flow smoothly. You can thus trace back your movements on possibly where you might have forgotten them. The best memory to encourage is that of when you last used your keys. If the memory comes, search carefully and repeatedly in your mind in the location you remember seeing the keys last. Additionally, go through your pockets, bags and if you aren’t alone, ask your companions to search themselves too. You can also call the places you visited and ask if they’ve seen them. If you can’t find them at this stage, proceed to the next step.

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    1. Find a reliable locksmith

    Here your options are open. The bottom line, however, is finding a locksmith with the right skills, affordable rates, and proper tools. Obviously, a certified one will suffice. If you’ve used the services of a locksmith before and you were impressed by the quality of their job, contact them immediately. However, you might be new to these services, and as such, your friends are your best resources. You won’t miss a single friend who’s employed locksmith services before. In addition to giving you a locksmith’s contact, they will recommend you the finest.

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    1. Create a backup plan

    After your emergency is solved, the next most important step is creating a backup plan to counter lockouts in future. You can create spare keys and hand them to friends or family members you trust. Next time you are locked out, you won’t spend any cash in gaining back your entry. Also, you can create a central location for placing keys. This will aid you in keeping track of where they are whenever you don’t have them.

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