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Our houses are our most treasured assets. They hold inside all sorts of assets that we hold dear, some of which are irreplaceable and we cannot afford to lose. Technically, they are a haven and should be accorded reliable safety measures. Our job as locksmiths is to research and present to you some of the tips you can use to ameliorate your levels of security. Here are six best tips from Lockman 247 that you can use to safeguard your home. Let’s begin:

  1. Review Your House’s Exterior

The ultimate objective of every homeowner is to prevent unpermitted entrance to their premises. The exterior of our houses is where thieves can first gain access before proceeding inside. You need to examine loopholes from time to time and assess their impact on your overall safety. Vulnerability indicators include broken windows, carelessly stored ladders and unpatched utility holes on fences.

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  1. Install an Alarm System

If the area you reside in has increasing cases of housebreaks, installing an alarm system would be beneficial. Not only will it scare the unwanted entrants but also, it will alert your neighbours to come to your rescue. Always find a knowledgeable locksmith to conduct this installation.

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  1. Regularly Change Your Locks

When last did you replace your door, gate and window locks? Unknowingly, someone might have duplicated your keys and is scheming a plan to hit your house and steal your items. The safest way to prevent these possibilities from occurrence is regularly upgrading your locks. You can use patented lock types whose duplicates cannot be made without prior proof of ownership.

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  1. Migrate to The Smart Era

This technology fleet shouldn’t leave you behind; you need to jump on board. For the past five years, lock manufacturers have continuously integrated smart chips into security contraptions to work with our smartphones. The advantage of using such locks is remote monitoring of your property, automatic alarm system and shutdown of targeted spaces.

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  1. Discard Bad Habits

As locksmiths, there are frequent observations that we make during our interaction with clients or during casual strolls which are lethal to security. A habit such as leaving keys on the keyhole can be very dangerous. It poses a risk of theft of such a key for duplication purposes. If you are a victim of this, consider using keyless locks that use codes instead of keys.

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  1. Fit Sturdy Security Grilles

Access inside your home can occur through spaces left out by grilles. Weak ones are easy to bend therefore permitting entry through the resulting space. Buy stronger ones preferably those resistant to pressure and rust like steel grilles.

  1. Hire a Certified Locksmith

During home maintenance exercises, if you are not careful enough, you might find yourself stuck with an incompetent locksmith who will weaken your security system instead of enhancing it. Certified locksmiths have the training and capacity to carry out professional services that can be relied upon.

These tips are just the basics. You can always add others to complement them, and your security will never be the same again.

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