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Locksmithing has proved its worthiness over and over again in our lives. Admittedly, the ability to produce a clean job requires great skill and knowledge when handling lock fixing equipment. The tools which a locksmith uses determines to a larger extent the final quality of the job. This article is for wannabee locksmiths researching on tools they need to be successful in their assignments. Individuals can also use it to learn should they find themselves in a situation where a locksmith is out of reach.

  1. Pick set

This tool is beneficial for lock picking purposes in situations where keys aren’t available. In most packages, the set comes has three items: rake, hook and diamond. The three unlock most conventional types of locks with a guarantee of successful unlocking on padlocks. This tool doesn’t cost much and should be affordable while running on an average budget. Also, certification is not required to purchase one. Non-locksmiths can consequently benefit from this.

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  1. Tension Wrench

Locks using a tumbler and pin operating mechanism are mostly picked using this appliance. The tension wrench holds the lock in position and produces the right amount of pressure while racking the tiny pins inside locks. Again, this one is affordable and easy to find. The shortcoming, however, is that most have weaker edges that break or wear out quickly.

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  1. Shim

A shim is basically a thin metal piece used in operating locks without keys. A locksmith inserts it in the locking mechanism to loosen it so that picking the lock becomes easy. It is always vital to go for shims made out of stronger material such as steel or iron. These tools can easily bend or break while inside the lock thus prudence is essential when using them.

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  1. Tweezers

This tool is a primary asset in the line of duty of locksmiths. Much of what they do requires tweezers. They are useful in replacement of lock components especially for fixing tiny metallic parts of the lock. The tip of a tweezer in most cases is magnetic to pick those metal bits from falling off. While purchasing, get one with bold grooves, resistant to wear and tear and made of sturdy material. Also, the handle should be non-slippery.

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  1. Lock Plug Follower

This tool’s primary function is to remove the lock core. What it does is prevent pins and springs from loosening which would make assembly of the lock core messy and tedious. It consists of differently sized ends which are crucial when handling locks of varying sizes.

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  1. Pick Gun

Although a bit expensive, this contraption increases speed and accuracy and is suitable for emergency engagements. A locksmith without a pick gun would have to analyse the pin line up in the deadbolt to unlock it. However, the gun is capable of hitting all the pins simultaneously in a single direction allowing the tension wrench to turn the lock with ease.

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