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Reliable 24-hour Local Locksmith

Things to consider when looking for a Reliable 24-hour Local Locksmith

Choosing a Midlands locksmith offering timely services locally and at affordable prices

April 13, 2018: Professional services have always been the choice of local services because of the timely service and the professional output of the services. A few local services, however, have been outpacing the services offered by professional sources in terms of being timely and even cost-effective. One such service is which has become the reliable local locksmith for Midlands residents. The popularity of this service is the result of numerous years of experience and the customer testimonials of those who have opted for the emergency locksmith.

While choosing a local locksmith a few aspects to remember is to check on the types of services they can offer. It is important to consider the following factors:

  • Availability- the service should be available round the clock as it is impossible to anticipate when the need for a locksmith might arise. Being locked out or someone sneaking into a home or business property cannot be predicted hence it is important to have a service that can cater to these emergency situations.
  • Varied services- a local locksmith should be able to cater to multiple services that are pertinent to all lock fail situations. Ranging from providing emergency services to providing security locks and even bailiff and warrant services is incomparable and unique to
  • Mobile- as a local locksmith it is important to have a mobile service that can be of quick help to lock out needs.
  • Timely- the service should be in a quick time span as the emergency situations require immediate action. While registering a complaint at a call center might seem easier the turnaround time could be higher and it could also be quite expensive. The Midlands locksmith provides services in less than 60 min depending on the requirement and is completely pocket-friendly.

As a local locksmith with 24 hour emergency locksmith services. has become a popular choice for Midlands residents for all lock needs. The assurance of security and the dependable service is a complete rescue system for all locksmith needs.

LockMan247 is a local locksmith service available round the clock catering to all emergency locksmith needs across Midlands. The firm operates with an aim to safeguard and home and business properties through a host of services like emergency glazing, security locks,
locked out, lock replacement and bailiff and warrant services. Managed and operated by Mr. Lee Bennett, this firm has become the local lock man services. To know more about the service offered visit

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locksmith questions


Locksmith Questions

Locksmith Questions


Need to ask a locksmith some questions but do not know what he will ask you? Well, below I have listed some questions that I ask when on a phone call.


The main questions are….

What type of door is it  wooden, UPVC, Composite or Metal

So you will know if it is wooden, UPVC is the plastic type either white or brown coated plastic. Composite is a little different because it is made up of different materials the outside of the door may be metal, with a wooden inner with a fiber inner core. and you will know if your door is Metal- Aluminium

The second question is what type of lock?

Euro Profile Lock

Business Profile Lock



If it is a UPVC or Composite you will normally have a Euro Lock in place support a Multi Locking Points Mechanism. these locks look like the one on the left-hand side, really important to fit the correct size as this is a method that Burglars target to gain entry over sizes euro profile locks. Should always be fitted flush with the handle. They come in many different sizes, good locksmiths will carry all sizes.
 Rim Cylinder Rim Cylinder

On a wooden door, you may see a lock from the outside that looks like the one below this is a Rim Cylinder lock with the traditional Night Latch on the back of the door. You may also see as an addition or instead of a Mortice Lock the one below is called a Sash Lock which is a deadlock with a latch located above it, you can usually tell because these keys a longer than the Rim Cylinder listed to the right. Mortice Sash Lock Mortice Sash Lock







The next question would be the problem your having, you are either:

  1. Locked out as you have lost keys
  2. Locked out because the door has locked behind you with keys inside the property
  3. Locked out because the lock has failed and you have keys
  4. Can not lock the door because the lock has failed or the door is misaligned
  5. You wish to upgrade your locks to insurance approved locks
  6. You wish to change the locks for security reasons.

Given good concise answers to these three questions would enable any reasonable locksmith to give you an accurate quotation on the work required.

If anyone cant  then ring Business Name: Lockman Birmingham on Phone Number: 0121 401 1404

Street Address: Aston Hall Road City: Aston, Birmingham State: West Midlands Business Hours: 24 Hours
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locksmith questions
Locksmith Questions