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Telford Locksmiths Telford Landloards Leave Tenants at Risk

Telford Locksmiths Telford Landloards Leave Tenants at Risk

Telford Locksmith recently has found the majority of tenanted properties I have visited have poorly fitted locks installed.

All UPVC locks are oversized from outside allowing burglars the opportunity to snap the locks and gain entry with ease.

Locksnapping is on the increase and if your Euro lock sticks out more than 4mm from the handle then you are at risk of Burglary in your home.

So act now get onto your landloard and get them to ring your local Telford Locksmith LockMan and I will come and make your home secure.

This does not need to be an expensive replacement, Just speak to Telford Locksmith LockMan on 01952 305 304 and ask for landlord services where a special offer can be discussed.

The important thing is make tenants as secure in your property so that they feel like it is there home.

So if your a tenant dont stand for poorly fitted locks speak to your landlord.

Give them the number for LockMan 01952 305304. What burglars are doing is snapping the euro lock withdrawing the front half of the lock pushing through the other half and using a tool to unlock the multipoint lock in a matter of seconds without noise so you would be unaware if you were in the house.

As a telford locksmith, LockMan 247 Locksmiths will resolve this issue very quickly and fit the correct size lock as we carry a large selection of Euro locks on the vans. If you are unsure of the lock snapping risks ring LockMan on 01952 305304 and we can explain further or discuss any other locksmithing items. Author: Lee Bennett


Beware Burglary on UPVC Latching Doors

LockMan 24/7 Locksmith Advice

If to open your front door you need to use a key when its NOT locked this is because you have an automatic latching mechanism. Please read this post carefully as it is related to your security.

Last week I went to a a lady whom had been burglared overnight. They opened the door without damage because they lowered the handle on the inside using a device that went through the letterbox. Now the only way this could happen is if the door was not locked just latched.

If you have had a latching mechanism you will fall into the trap of” Its ok no one can open the door without a key from the outside.” Well normally you would be right but as I’ve seen the burglars are using these techniques. However you can stop them make sure you secure using your key from the inside before you go to bed.

Unfortunatly this couple had their laptop stolen as well as their car.

If this alarms you you can get help I am Lee from LockMan 247 I can come and change your mechanism and handles so that your door will not latch and therefore drive you into locking your door manually every time you go in or out.

I also can fit alarms that we can put on a door sensor so that if your door is opened then your alarm will go off as well as ring your mobile phone.

A little bit about my company I live in Telford but work all over Birminghan, Wolverhampton Dudley Stoke and Shropshire. You can contact me on any of the numbers listed below.


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Please Remember Lock All Doors at Night!

Regards Lee Bennett LockMan 247

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Attempted Burglary In Shrewsbury

Attempted Burglary In Shrewsbury

Man Arrested For Attempted Burglary In Shrewsbury


Remember Don’t live in fear get secure ring LockMan Today on 01743 617 404


November Crime Stats for Donnington, Telford are out from

November Crime Stats for Donnington, Telford are out from

Hi Just checking the latest crime stats for Telford starting with Donnington as that where I live.

Although crime fell in November by 2.55% on Octobers results increases were seen with Public Order & Weapons from nothing in the previous two months to an alarming 5 incidents, 2 within Townsend Croft. Robbery also showed it ugly head with two occasions just off the parade and Turreff Avenue.

On a positive note Burglary was down 9% but this equates to 1 reduction and as you see from below its a fairly consistant number over the three months, the hotspots around Jublee Road and along Wellington Road.

Total CrimeBurglaryAnti Social BehaviorCriminal Damage and ArsonDrugsOther TheftPublic Disorder and weaponsRobberyShopliftingVehicle CrimeViolent Crime Other Crime

What can be done to reduce this? Well firstly make sure your security is good at home. I can help by coming round and giving you a free security check.

Things I focus on are:

Are locks in a working state, are they the correct lock for the door, are they fitted correctly, do you require additional secondary security, how many keys are out there, do you know where they all are? need to change locks due to losing a key, id your back gate secure, do you have adequate lighting around your property. How easy would it take a burglar to entry your property?

Look at the rest of my site and if you are concerned and need me to come round to review your security give me a ring on Telford 305304

I have taken the data from the following source

I am happy to continue to provide this information but please add comments so that i can see your thoughts. Please remember you should be safe and secure in your own home or business.

For all your Telford Locksmith needs ring LockMan on Telford 01952 305304!

Stay safe and secure

Lee from LockMan



UPVC Doors – Beware Lock Snapping

UPVC Doors – Beware Lock Snapping

Every household should check their Euro Cylinders locks in their doors. If from the outside (external) the locks stick out like the one in the picture then you are at risk of lock snapping.

Lock snapping is a procedure that enables unwanted visitors to gain access to your home very quickly with minimal noise. If you were in your living room it is unlikely you would hear someone gaining access this way.

If you find the locks internally are like this but the outside is flush against the handles then there is no need to worry. but at some stage, you should think about flush fitting locks both sides. in this link you can see a YouTube Video regarding Lock Snapping if you are concerned, Ring me on 0333 700 2 247 and I will come round and install a new correctly fitted or anti snap cylinder for you.


Birmingham Crime Stats

Birmingham Crime Stats

Click on the link above to see the Burglary locations in Birmingham in recent months.

If there is a burglary too close to home why not contact LOCKMAN to come around to see if we can increase your security so that you are not the next victim of crime.

Birmingham Number is 0121 4011 404


landloard locksmith
Telford Locksmiths Telford Landloards Leave Tenants at Risk
shrewsbury locksmith
Attempted Burglary In Shrewsbury