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Do Landlords Exploit Tenants?

Do Landlords Exploit Tenants?

I was called out to a property in Campbell Road, Stoke on trent late Sunday evening for an emergency locksmith stoke-on-trent.

The property is a multi user property with  many single rooms targeted over three floors.

The issue the customer had was, one of their tenants was locked out of his room. This landlord targets single european gentleman who work for the local DHL/ Sainsburys warehouse.

I have attended site before for a different bedroom but it was the same issue each bedroom has a poorly fitted Night-Latch, as a result of the poorly fitted lock when the snib(button) is activated the door latches behind the keep.  On a correctly fitted lock this should never happen because the locked latch would bounce against the keep and not shut into door frame.

My service is always to get the customer in and then make good and secure the door to the correct working state. So once I opened the door I made the keep fit more securely and showed the tenant that the door would not shut if the snib was engaged.

When a snib is engaged and locked within the keep unless there is a letterbox within the door it is a destructive entry method of entry.

This landlord was not onsite but was fully aware of the entry method required to gain entry and explained that they had used this method many times before.

One surprising thing this was I was explicitly requested to not to discuss any of the failing of the poorly fitted lock with the tenant. Unfortunately this request came after I had already explained what the fault was.

However one question was why would the landlord not wish to explain the reason why the tenant was locked out if he had the key.

My only reasoning is that they were charging the the tenant for my services, when it is clear to me that the reason why the tenant was locked out was the sole fault of the landlord and to charge the tenant for this failure is exploiting the tenant.

This tenant had only been in the UK 5 days and has come from Poland and this was the way we were welcoming european neighbours into our country.

The letting company agent contacted to relay how upset they were that I explained the failure of the poor fitting to their tenant and now that was  having a negative impact on their business. This company have not settled my invoice and that is have a negative result on my business. Because I had done a previous 24 hour locksmiths in Birmingham job for this company I kept down my labour charge at 11pm on a Sunday evening to protect this relationship.

However I no longer wish to associate  my company and my brand to this Rip off landlord who many properties across Staffordshire targeted to Polish and Romanian  who poor lock installations end up being charged to their unsupported tenants.

I am sure that this company would want to use me moving forward, as I got a message from one of the employees advising me that the big boss wanted to discuss in office hours my loose tongue. To be clear if anyone asks my professional opinion I will give an impartial view of my speciality in this case the reasons why this door became locked as a result.

I am really interested in your views as to whether you think I should not have given the tenant information as to arm them with reasons why the lock had failed.

I have this ethos as I want to treat my customers the way I would like my parents to be treated. I would not expect my parents to have to pay for a repair on a landlords property that they did not cause.

I feel that this is delaying tactics so that they do not need to settle my invoice or at least, they got me to send the invoice 8 times today because they said they had not received it. They promised me that I would receive payment today and as of yet I still have not been paid.

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Beware Burglary on UPVC Latching Doors

LockMan 24/7 Locksmith Advice

If to open your front door you need to use a key when its NOT locked this is because you have an automatic latching mechanism. Please read this post carefully as it is related to your security.

Last week I went to a a lady whom had been burglared overnight. They opened the door without damage because they lowered the handle on the inside using a device that went through the letterbox. Now the only way this could happen is if the door was not locked just latched.

If you have had a latching mechanism you will fall into the trap of” Its ok no one can open the door without a key from the outside.” Well normally you would be right but as I’ve seen the burglars are using these techniques. However you can stop them make sure you secure using your key from the inside before you go to bed.

Unfortunatly this couple had their laptop stolen as well as their car.

If this alarms you you can get help I am Lee from LockMan 247 I can come and change your mechanism and handles so that your door will not latch and therefore drive you into locking your door manually every time you go in or out.

I also can fit alarms that we can put on a door sensor so that if your door is opened then your alarm will go off as well as ring your mobile phone.

A little bit about my company I live in Telford but work all over Birminghan, Wolverhampton Dudley Stoke and Shropshire. You can contact me on any of the numbers listed below.


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Attempted Burglary In Shrewsbury

Attempted Burglary In Shrewsbury

Man Arrested For Attempted Burglary In Shrewsbury


Remember Don’t live in fear get secure ring LockMan Today on 01743 617 404


Snowed In Then Adopt A Pensioner!

Snowed In Then Adopt A Pensioner!

Get Community Spirited

With the snow now reaching a week or more there is real danger for the elderly. So lets do our thing let adopt an OAP and make sure they are safe and well.

It can be someone your related to or just contact your local sheltered housing warden to see if they can point you in the right direction to a needed OAP.

What to do:

  1. Firstly ring them up every day and see if they need anything shopping papers etc.
  2. Clear their paths/ driveways from snow and ice to allow visitors or access to cars.


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Do Landlords Exploit Tenants?
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Attempted Burglary In Shrewsbury