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The Importance of Security in Homes and Offices Talks about the Importance of Security in Homes and Offices

The Company is known for its emergency locksmith services in Telford

UK, 4th May 2018: People who are looking for 24 hour locksmith services can consider the aforementioned website. The said entity is an experienced name in the niche and claims to provide timely solutions to any lockouts, replacements and security systems. Their team is available 24/7 and claims to reach the site within an hour of calling their representatives.

Security is an aspect that nobody can ignore in the current situation. Whether it is an office or a residential area, ensuring that a building is safe even when no one is there is something that everyone needs to think of. With a number of lock snapping incidents in the recent past, it has become imperative for people to opt for solutions that can prevent such occurrences. LockMan247 is a local locksmith that is has been able to provide customized solutions to all such issues at competitive prices.

Keyless entries are also effective and can be effective in keeping burglars at bay. Whether it is an emergency locksmith service or a project that needs to be completed within the stipulated time, it is important that people opt for a reliable name. It is important that the security system is checked at regular intervals so as to ensure that it is effective and any changes can be made at the right time. There are many options available for people who value security and all of these are believed to be provided at

The website says, “You should be aware of the latest technology in locks and security so that you can keep your homes and offices safe at all times. Make sure that you talk with our representatives and let them know of your requirements so that they are able to help you with the best possible options. It is time that you let us take care of your security needs.”
To obtain more information about the Locksmith Telford services, visit

The website claims that users can get a free quotation from their team. The reviews and feedbacks from customers have been positive and the same can be perused by those who are interested. Theirs is believed to be a comprehensive platform that offers relevant information and the best locksmith services.

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Reliable 24-hour Local Locksmith

Things to consider when looking for a Reliable 24-hour Local Locksmith

Choosing a Midlands locksmith offering timely services locally and at affordable prices

April 13, 2018: Professional services have always been the choice of local services because of the timely service and the professional output of the services. A few local services, however, have been outpacing the services offered by professional sources in terms of being timely and even cost-effective. One such service is which has become the reliable local locksmith for Midlands residents. The popularity of this service is the result of numerous years of experience and the customer testimonials of those who have opted for the emergency locksmith.

While choosing a local locksmith a few aspects to remember is to check on the types of services they can offer. It is important to consider the following factors:

  • Availability- the service should be available round the clock as it is impossible to anticipate when the need for a locksmith might arise. Being locked out or someone sneaking into a home or business property cannot be predicted hence it is important to have a service that can cater to these emergency situations.
  • Varied services- a local locksmith should be able to cater to multiple services that are pertinent to all lock fail situations. Ranging from providing emergency services to providing security locks and even bailiff and warrant services is incomparable and unique to
  • Mobile- as a local locksmith it is important to have a mobile service that can be of quick help to lock out needs.
  • Timely- the service should be in a quick time span as the emergency situations require immediate action. While registering a complaint at a call center might seem easier the turnaround time could be higher and it could also be quite expensive. The Midlands locksmith provides services in less than 60 min depending on the requirement and is completely pocket-friendly.

As a local locksmith with 24 hour emergency locksmith services. has become a popular choice for Midlands residents for all lock needs. The assurance of security and the dependable service is a complete rescue system for all locksmith needs.

LockMan247 is a local locksmith service available round the clock catering to all emergency locksmith needs across Midlands. The firm operates with an aim to safeguard and home and business properties through a host of services like emergency glazing, security locks,
locked out, lock replacement and bailiff and warrant services. Managed and operated by Mr. Lee Bennett, this firm has become the local lock man services. To know more about the service offered visit

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Knowledge is a double-faced gift. In the rights hands, it could save the world instantly but think of it in the wrong hands. Catastrophic? Exactly my thoughts. Lock bumping is a traditional lock opening technique that can unlock almost any deadbolt that uses a pin and tumbler mechanism to function. A locksmith uses a specially crafted key with notches almost matching to those of the target lock to force open the lock.

The technique dates back to the 1970’s when Denmark-based locksmiths first shared a method similar to lock bumping. It involved applying pressure on the bolt’s plug while still knocking the cylinder. Resultantly, the pins would dance inside the cylinder enabling the plug to slide out spontaneously. The lock would then be easy to disassemble.

For a save option why not try out local locksmith birmingham or Birmingham City Centre Locksmiths.

How different is lock bumping from this technique? A locksmith requires a unique key which he/she inserts in the keyway but stops just before the last notch reaches the last pin. This key has special teeth which are capable of conducting slight pressure to the lower pins of the lock (driver pins). Since pin movements are flexible, the driver pins will instantly move above the cylinder in a split second, before resuming to block the key notches from operating the lock. Continuous application of light pressure will cause the cylinder to turn instantly opening the lock.

So remember to try out locksmith whitmore reans wolverhampton or Wolverhampton Bilston Locksmiths.

This method causes less or no visible damage to your security device making it the cleanest unlocking technique. Various tools developed purposely for bumping are already flooding the market with less or no restriction regarding their purchase. They use calculated vibrations to create the necessary force for turning the cylinder.

If your in trouble then please contact Locksmith Crewe Nantwich or Emergency Crewe Locksmiths.

Prevention of Key bumping

It doesn’t matter the quality of your security device. Almost 90% of these can be unlocked using key bumping. The only way you can safeguard your home from the unwanted entry is by learning to apply the right counter-attack measures.

  • Avoid steel locks – they are the most vulnerable due to their resistance to damage. The resistant nature makes the lock hard to jam due to their lower mechanical tolerance.
  • Use locks with security pins – Ensure that the lock that you buy has spool or mushroom pins. These kinds of locks are difficult to bump.
  • Use firmer springs in your locks – This ensures pins rebound to their rest position quicker than conventional springs.
  • Shallow drilling – This method involves placing a pin or two shallower than the rest so that the bump key is unable to engage them during bumping.

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Let’s face it; a lockdown has happened to almost all of us at least once in life. While it’s normal for panic and regret to cloud our minds then, learning how to respond will save you the trouble of spending long hours finding a solution. This following article will outline four steps you can use to handle any emergency.

  1. Keep calm

Naturally, our minds shut down whenever we experience a panic situation, thereby blocking our ability to think rationally and act at will. Shockingly, our minds will react similarly in any situation arousing trouble, including losing a key. So, what can you do? First, you need to fight off that panic sensation by forcing your mind to relax. Psychologists recommend breathing in and holding in air for several seconds, then breathing out and repeating the cycle for at least two minutes. How will this help? Your mind will now focus attention on respiration releasing the panic thought. You can after that make profitable decisions unlike before when you’d be impulsive.

Why not try out LockMan for your home. Get in contact with Lockman 247 your local locksmith Kings Norton Birmingham.

  1. Trace your movements carefully

After your mind relaxes, your thoughts will now flow smoothly. You can thus trace back your movements on possibly where you might have forgotten them. The best memory to encourage is that of when you last used your keys. If the memory comes, search carefully and repeatedly in your mind in the location you remember seeing the keys last. Additionally, go through your pockets, bags and if you aren’t alone, ask your companions to search themselves too. You can also call the places you visited and ask if they’ve seen them. If you can’t find them at this stage, proceed to the next step.

Why not try out LockMan for your home. Get in contact with Lockman 247 your 24 hour locksmith willenhall wolverhampton.

  1. Find a reliable locksmith

Here your options are open. The bottom line, however, is finding a locksmith with the right skills, affordable rates, and proper tools. Obviously, a certified one will suffice. If you’ve used the services of a locksmith before and you were impressed by the quality of their job, contact them immediately. However, you might be new to these services, and as such, your friends are your best resources. You won’t miss a single friend who’s employed locksmith services before. In addition to giving you a locksmith’s contact, they will recommend you the finest.

Why not try out LockMan for your business. Get in contact with Lockman 247 your emergency locksmith caldmore walsall.

  1. Create a backup plan

After your emergency is solved, the next most important step is creating a backup plan to counter lockouts in future. You can create spare keys and hand them to friends or family members you trust. Next time you are locked out, you won’t spend any cash in gaining back your entry. Also, you can create a central location for placing keys. This will aid you in keeping track of where they are whenever you don’t have them.

Why not try out LockMan for your residential home. Get in contact with Lockman 247 your local emergency locksmith nobold shrewsbury.

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Smart Locks of the Future

Smart Locks of the Future

A smart lock is one of the most important part of a smart home. Not does it allow you to leave your home as you like, but it also monitors who is entering and leaving your home while you are away. Some models of smart lock allow you to use your phone to open and close your door. Some of these locks allow you to assign special privileges to family members, maintenance staff and friends.

Some of these are activated using voice commands pr triggers from home automation services and devices. Here are few things to consider whole deciding on which smart lock to buy.

PRICE: One of the most thing to consider while you want to upgrade to smart locks is how much it will cost. It is known that a smart lock cost a lot more than standard locks you can pick up at the local store. So decide if you can afford this lock. Or get in touch with your local locksmith in shrewsbury.

INSTALLATION: These new locks are mostly easy and not difficult to install, a lot of them are quite easy. It is important to check if your new lock comes with the housing mount on the side of the door and touchpad or a keyed cylinder for exterior. You can also ask your 24-hour locksmith walsall to assist you in fitting the lock.

INTEGRATION: Some smart locks also comes with the option of integration with other connected home devices like the Smoke alarm detector, CO alarm trigger, smart light, water leak detector. Depending on the home automation setup design, you can pair your smart locks with doorbell cameras, rings so you can see who is at the door before you decide to unlock the door. You may want to ask your emergency locksmith wolverhampton for the best advice on smart lock integration.

FEATURES: The features of all smart locks vary. Some of these mobile lock comes with a mobile app that allows you to lock and unlock the doors with a simple icon tap. This app will allow you control your locks from wherever you are. Other features to look out for include touchpads, keyless, forced alarm entry to warm you of possible break in. Again don’t forget to ask your local locksmith Cannock.

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Do Landlords Exploit Tenants?

Do Landlords Exploit Tenants?

I was called out to a property in Campbell Road, Stoke on trent late Sunday evening for an emergency locksmith stoke-on-trent.

The property is a multi user property with  many single rooms targeted over three floors.

The issue the customer had was, one of their tenants was locked out of his room. This landlord targets single european gentleman who work for the local DHL/ Sainsburys warehouse.

I have attended site before for a different bedroom but it was the same issue each bedroom has a poorly fitted Night-Latch, as a result of the poorly fitted lock when the snib(button) is activated the door latches behind the keep.  On a correctly fitted lock this should never happen because the locked latch would bounce against the keep and not shut into door frame.

My service is always to get the customer in and then make good and secure the door to the correct working state. So once I opened the door I made the keep fit more securely and showed the tenant that the door would not shut if the snib was engaged.

When a snib is engaged and locked within the keep unless there is a letterbox within the door it is a destructive entry method of entry.

This landlord was not onsite but was fully aware of the entry method required to gain entry and explained that they had used this method many times before.

One surprising thing this was I was explicitly requested to not to discuss any of the failing of the poorly fitted lock with the tenant. Unfortunately this request came after I had already explained what the fault was.

However one question was why would the landlord not wish to explain the reason why the tenant was locked out if he had the key.

My only reasoning is that they were charging the the tenant for my services, when it is clear to me that the reason why the tenant was locked out was the sole fault of the landlord and to charge the tenant for this failure is exploiting the tenant.

This tenant had only been in the UK 5 days and has come from Poland and this was the way we were welcoming european neighbours into our country.

The letting company agent contacted to relay how upset they were that I explained the failure of the poor fitting to their tenant and now that was  having a negative impact on their business. This company have not settled my invoice and that is have a negative result on my business. Because I had done a previous 24 hour locksmiths in Birmingham job for this company I kept down my labour charge at 11pm on a Sunday evening to protect this relationship.

However I no longer wish to associate  my company and my brand to this Rip off landlord who many properties across Staffordshire targeted to Polish and Romanian  who poor lock installations end up being charged to their unsupported tenants.

I am sure that this company would want to use me moving forward, as I got a message from one of the employees advising me that the big boss wanted to discuss in office hours my loose tongue. To be clear if anyone asks my professional opinion I will give an impartial view of my speciality in this case the reasons why this door became locked as a result.

I am really interested in your views as to whether you think I should not have given the tenant information as to arm them with reasons why the lock had failed.

I have this ethos as I want to treat my customers the way I would like my parents to be treated. I would not expect my parents to have to pay for a repair on a landlords property that they did not cause.

I feel that this is delaying tactics so that they do not need to settle my invoice or at least, they got me to send the invoice 8 times today because they said they had not received it. They promised me that I would receive payment today and as of yet I still have not been paid.

To read more valuable articles please or call 0333 700 2247. lockman 247 is available in the following locations:- Stafford, Wolverhampton, Crewe, Cannock and Walsall.

email me if you wish to know who this landlord company is at

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Crewe Locksmith UPVC doors issues Act Now

Crewe Locksmith UPVC doors issues Act Now

Crewe Locksmith – Door is stuck, Door Will Not Lock

Miss aligned Doors – Hot Weather – Beware of Mechs Breaking- Act Now

Problems Locking / Unlocking UPVC doors since the recent nice weather?



1.The lock will work whilst the door is open but will not lock in the frame

2 Key snapping

3 The handle is hard to lift when locking up

4 Handle clicks when locking up

5 The door is sticking when opening or shutting.


These are all symptoms of Misaligned doors but beware if left unadjusted it can lead to failed Mechs and that when it really is a costly repair. Act Now Speak to your Crewe Locksmith

In the past two weeks since we have had the lovely weather I have seen approx 30 customers whos door won’t lock or handle os tight when lifting- the heat is a contributing factor but the real route cause is Mis-Aligned doors.

Well, there is good news a trained Crewe locksmith can normally bring the door back into correct alignment with 30mins of being onsite and more importantly without any additional parts being required. so only the labor charge to pay.

The bad news is that if left then over time you will damage the Mech so that it cannot be used again, and more often or not the mech fails in the locked condition. The cost of this replacement of this part only is typically are between £100 & £200. then you have a labor charge on top and some locksmiths will charge VAT also. So when the Mech fails the cost of the replacement can be anything between £150 and £399 depending on what locksmith you use.

So the answer is as soon as you get any of the symptoms call LockMan 247 Crewe Locksmith and he will adjust the door for £49 only.



Beware Burglary on UPVC Latching Doors

LockMan 24/7 Locksmith Advice

If to open your front door you need to use a key when its NOT locked this is because you have an automatic latching mechanism. Please read this post carefully as it is related to your security.

Last week I went to a a lady whom had been burglared overnight. They opened the door without damage because they lowered the handle on the inside using a device that went through the letterbox. Now the only way this could happen is if the door was not locked just latched.

If you have had a latching mechanism you will fall into the trap of” Its ok no one can open the door without a key from the outside.” Well normally you would be right but as I’ve seen the burglars are using these techniques. However you can stop them make sure you secure using your key from the inside before you go to bed.

Unfortunatly this couple had their laptop stolen as well as their car.

If this alarms you you can get help I am Lee from LockMan 247 I can come and change your mechanism and handles so that your door will not latch and therefore drive you into locking your door manually every time you go in or out.

I also can fit alarms that we can put on a door sensor so that if your door is opened then your alarm will go off as well as ring your mobile phone.

A little bit about my company I live in Telford but work all over Birminghan, Wolverhampton Dudley Stoke and Shropshire. You can contact me on any of the numbers listed below.


Calls are charged a local call rate and are included

in any bundled minutes for landlines & mobiles.


Local Numbers

Birmingham Locksmith 0121 4011 404

Telford Locksmith 01952 305 304

Walsall Locksmith 01922 263 247

Wolverhampton Locksmith 01902 252 247

Cannock Locksmith01543 544 247

Shrewsbury Locksmith 01943 617 404

Dudley Locksmith01384 940 247

Stoke on Trent Locksmith 01782 908 247

Stafford Locksmith 01785 530 247

Tamworth 01827 755 247

Redditch 01527 309 247



Please Remember Lock All Doors at Night!

Regards Lee Bennett LockMan 247

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Attempted Burglary In Shrewsbury

Attempted Burglary In Shrewsbury

Man Arrested For Attempted Burglary In Shrewsbury


Remember Don’t live in fear get secure ring LockMan Today on 01743 617 404


November Crime Stats for Donnington, Telford are out from

November Crime Stats for Donnington, Telford are out from

Hi Just checking the latest crime stats for Telford starting with Donnington as that where I live.

Although crime fell in November by 2.55% on Octobers results increases were seen with Public Order & Weapons from nothing in the previous two months to an alarming 5 incidents, 2 within Townsend Croft. Robbery also showed it ugly head with two occasions just off the parade and Turreff Avenue.

On a positive note Burglary was down 9% but this equates to 1 reduction and as you see from below its a fairly consistant number over the three months, the hotspots around Jublee Road and along Wellington Road.

Total CrimeBurglaryAnti Social BehaviorCriminal Damage and ArsonDrugsOther TheftPublic Disorder and weaponsRobberyShopliftingVehicle CrimeViolent Crime Other Crime

What can be done to reduce this? Well firstly make sure your security is good at home. I can help by coming round and giving you a free security check.

Things I focus on are:

Are locks in a working state, are they the correct lock for the door, are they fitted correctly, do you require additional secondary security, how many keys are out there, do you know where they all are? need to change locks due to losing a key, id your back gate secure, do you have adequate lighting around your property. How easy would it take a burglar to entry your property?

Look at the rest of my site and if you are concerned and need me to come round to review your security give me a ring on Telford 305304

I have taken the data from the following source

I am happy to continue to provide this information but please add comments so that i can see your thoughts. Please remember you should be safe and secure in your own home or business.

For all your Telford Locksmith needs ring LockMan on Telford 01952 305304!

Stay safe and secure

Lee from LockMan


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