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If you need a local locksmith in Telford, Birmingham, Cannock, Crewe, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Shrewsbury, Stafford, Stoke-on-Trent, and surrounding areas, you can contact your emergency locksmith today, 24/7.

Our emergency locksmiths specialise with both commercial and domestic properties, ranging from shop doors, and factories to locked doors on your everyday property. You can check out our customer testimonials and see what people like you have to say about us. Whether you require a new lock fitment or you are already locked out, utilise your reliable and prompt local locksmith. Call us and speak to our experts within the lock industry, the locksmith you contact directly will come to your property and assist you.

When you are locked out of your domestic or commercial property, whether your locks have worn down or lost your keys and cannot gain entry to your home, our emergency Locksmiths are here and happy to help you. Nobody chooses to be locked out of their property, and that is why we are available 24 hours a day and our locksmith services aim to arrive at your premises promptly all with minimising damage. Don’t delay Call Lockman 247 Now!

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Domestic Local Locksmith Services

Domestic locksmith services that Lockman247 offers include emergency entry, lock alterations, and new fitments, key cutting, security assessment, so allow us to reinstate the safety and security back into your home today.
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Commercial Local Locksmith Services

Commercial locksmith services that Lockman247 offers include being locked out, lock changers from lost or snapped keys. We support; pubs, dentists and other businesses, so put your trust in us as we put you first.
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Your local 24 hour emergency Locksmith

Lockman 247 is the only business you should require when you have come face to face with a security issue. Contact us now and we can arrive at your premises within 20-60 minutes with a non-chargeable call out service, remember, our goal is your safety and security. Call us now on  0333 700 2 247

LockmAN 247 Testimonials

Excellent service. Quick, professional and friendly. Highly recommended. I would rate this service 10 out of 10 stars if I could. I only wish I could have found out about Lockman 24-7 sooner 🙁 Oh and one other thing – Thanks for the lift back home. Highly appreciated.

zest4life – Google Review

Lee was a fantastic bloke very patient and friendly and went above and beyond to be sure I could get back into my car

Kyle Blackband – Google Review

Arrived quickly half the time another company had quoted as I needed it fast. Great prompt service no hidden extras and managed to keep me calm great service would highly recommend.

Jess Dixon – Google Review

Excellent service. Lee came out very promptly
on a Sunday night after a relative broke off their key in the lock and dealt with the situation efficiently and effectively. Very polite and professional service. I would highly recommend them.

Andy Bolter – Google Review

Google reviews
ServiceM8 Reviews
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Your Local Emergency Locksmith

– Lockman247 –

Our Reputable Locksmiths

Lockman 247 is developing as people are beginning to recognise our growing reputation. Our reputable locksmiths can assist you with your security issues. They are experts and can repair and replace locks in uPVC, windows, vehicles, and any other similar locks. There will always be a locksmith willing and ready to help you 24/7 because we understand the timing of your lock troubles is not a choice you make. At Lockman 247 we do not have any hidden fees for our clients as we are an organisation, that you can trust. Besides, we do not charge our customers for additional VAT. Our website talks a lot about locksmiths requiring the most up-to-date knowledge, this is to guarantee security to our customers. There is information around the entire site to help inform people like you of the options available and the most effective methods of keeping your property safe.

The whole Lockman team is fully licensed, they also carry all ID needed with them if you desire to see it. We have a qualified, insured and trained team to complete any work required, and, help you with any security troubles you may have. If you do feel hesitant, we have received much feedback over the years, they leave positive feedback based on, our friendly staff and efficient services. Contact us now and secure your homes’ locks today

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Boarding up;

Boarding up is the service for you, it helps broken glass or missing glazing be covered up. Covering affected areas up allows reducing the chance of any potential additional damage. Additional damage may bring along unwanted costs that could have been avoided just by using our boarding up. This is the most reliable method for bringing your commercial or domestic property back to a safe environment.

Boarding up is often used as a temporary solution until the glazing is fixed or replaced, it is not considered a long-term solution for properties that have a lot of activity. If the property with missing glass is not being used, boarding will last much longer. Lockman247 can help you with all of your boarding up needs any time, day or night.

In the most simple form, a member of our reliable team will come and place wooden boards over the affected area, and this will remain in place until new glazing is being fitted. Boarding up is beneficial as it reduces damage and risk of changing weather, squatters, intruders, or more wear and tear. Lockman247 is a cost-effective option for you, all while offering a premium service. Feel free to contact your emergency locksmith, and we will help you on 0333 700 2 247.

Emergency entry;

Gaining entry back into your property when you are locked out is stressful, it must be done quickly and effectively, while remaining at a cost-effective price point. Well, lockman247 and your local locksmith are here to help, the nations’ favourite will come to your commercial or domestic premises and help you regain entry. The emergency entry also consists of getting back into your vehicle if needed. We are a 24-hour locksmith and can come to you in an emergency day or night.

The damage will be kept minimal, over 90 percent of our jobs have no damage, done to their property, as we are fully trained, and competent locksmith providers. Lockman247 offers the best emergency locksmiths near you at the best prices. A member of our team will arrive in 20-60 minutes and help you get in, in no time. If required, replacement keys can be made on-site just for your ease.

We do not want any of our customers to feel like they do not know what to do in an emergency entry situation. Lockman247 wants to be your one-stop shop when it comes to locksmith services. Join the many taking advantage of our emergency locksmiths and call us on 0333 700 2 247.

Intruder alarm fitting;

Our industry-leading security alarm systems are the perfect solution and upgrade to your commercial or domestic property. They are crucial to help prevent unwanted visitors and will help keep your mind at peace. Book your appointment and have one of the best alarm fitments added to your commercial or domestic property by your local locksmith.

The goal at Lockman247 is to provide the best security to each customer, helping them feel safe and secure in their own home. Intruder alarms provided by us deliver what we stand for. Your local locksmith will talk you through all of the features of the security system and happily fit it for you. You need to be able to rely on the security at your site, Lockman247 can assure this provides clarity and real protection. We offer this service at a cost-effective price point, as your safety should not be compromised due to pricing. The products and team members that we provide are the best in the industry, making it the best cost-effective solution for your commercial or domestic property.

We hope you choose us as your security and locksmith provider, we are here for you, and will always make your safety a priority.

Keyless entry;

Whether you are looking to modernise your home or workplace, or you simply want better security, keyless entry is the service for you. You have full control of your door and security system, you have a reduced chance of intruders and no chance of lock snapping. Keyless entry runs through a low energy Bluetooth app that can be accessed through your mobile. Upon installation, you can control the security of your home with ease.

If there is more than one person who needs access, you can send mobile-based keys to their phone, and they will be able to use your keyless entry system too. Keyless doors can be installed quickly and vastly improve your security system as there is no lock to pick for burglars either! Lockman247 will help you with any of your keyless entry queries and run you through the system, so you are not stuck on what to do. It is quick and easy to set up and simple to wrap your head around. Keyless entry systems are a step into the future, with the built-in tamper alar, bank-level encryption, and incorrect pin usage, just to name a few of the features of this system. Call us on 0333 700 2 247 and improve your property now.

Lock changes;

Changing your locks is a necessity when maintaining the safety and security of your property. Lock changes can be required due to wear and tear, a recent intruder, or something similar. Lockman247 provides the best emergency locksmiths and regular local locksmiths to offer this premium service at a low price. Cutting edge technology and the best locksmiths in the industry can help improve your locks, whether the aim is to become more secure, or you have simply lost your keys, Lockman247 is the team for you.

Our friendly and experienced team can mend and change your locks to prevent you from being locked out because your key no longer works. The aim is to make your commercial or domestic property as safe and secure as possible. Your 24-hour locksmith will arrive in our branded van and can accommodate to all lock types. If it is an emergency, we can get to you in 20-60 minutes, or an appointment can be made if it is not an emergency. Whatever lock you may need we can provide if you are unsure, a locksmith will help you make an informed decision. Do not hesitate, get in touch and utilise our nation loved service on 0333 700 2 247.

Key cutting;

Key cutting is the process of using our equipment all in our vans, to make a new key, whether it is due to new locks or you have misplaced it, we can make one suitable to your lock. This job is completed on-site for additional convenience to both parties. Any extra keys you may need can also be made if they are required. Still, all crafted on-site to make it all that little bit more simple for you.

After the key has been made, our locksmith and you can both try and test the key. Doing this service on-site helps you know whether it is working consistently or if it does not fit, a new one can be cut. This can be done before the final purchase is made, so you are not paying for an already faulty key.

This service is often completed alongside another service, just for additional convenience. If we are not performing another service for you, there is a minimum order of £55.00.

Use our industry-leading key cutting service and trust us with the security of your commercial or domestic property. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about our cutting services on 0333 700 2 247.

Replacement car keys;

Locks are often associated with commercial or domestic properties; however, car keys can require a replacement. Auto-locksmiths are needed, and Lockman247 has trained all of your emergency locksmiths to be able to help with vehicle lock issues. Your keys may be broken, decoded, or just stuck in the ignition, a local emergency locksmith will be able to help you in no time. If you need the best replacement car keys quickly, we are the best provider for you.

Whatever the reason may be for requiring an auto-locksmith, your local locksmith is here to help you, day or night. We aim for you to be back to normal in no time, hassle-free. Lockman247 offers the best auto-locksmith services as vehicles help us out every day, and we understand how important one may be. Whenever you reach out to us, you will get the best services at the best prices.

Damage to your vehicle will be at level zero, only ten percent of our jobs has extremely minimal damage. We solely care about our customers and want you to be our priority, whenever and wherever. Contact your 24-hour locksmith and have them help you and your vehicle today on 0333 700 2 247.

Security assessments;

If you want to make sure that your locks are safe and secure, you need a security assessment. A licensed member from Lockman247 will assess any current damage or unhealthiness of your locks on any property. Knowing the state of your locks is very important as it helps you reduce the chances of being locked out, intruders gaining access, etc. A member of Lockman247 will recommend any lock improvements, how to care for your locks, give you assistance and help make informed choices, reduce your potential costs, and, most importantly, increase the safety of your premises.

We may say that your lock does not look great, but we are not expecting you to book an appointment with us on the spot, there is no obligation to use our services right there and then. Our aim is for you to be aware of how safe and secure your commercial or domestic property is. Your emergency locksmith will inform you about our services and what is best for you. This will allow you to plan for the future and what locks you may need or want.

Book a security assessment today, and a local locksmith will come and help you on 0333 700 2 247.

uPVC specialist;

uPVC is a white plastic often used on doors and windows on commercial and domestic properties. It is also known as unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, but here we call it uPVC. Most of the uPVC fitments have a lock somewhere on it, as they are often used for doors and windows that you need to lock. If it is uPVC and has a lock on it, your local locksmith can come and help you out. Issues range from; 360 degrees turning handle, a stiff door handle, the key is stuck in the lock, unable to open, misaligned door or window, these are just a few of the potential uPVC lock issues.

A specialist will arrive at your property in 20-60 minutes for emergencies, to help sort whatever may be causing the issue. We aim to fix your locks in no time, whether that is cleaning, repairing, or changing. Most jobs are completed within an hour and always meet and exceed industry standards. You will be able to carry on as regular in no time. Your 24-hour locksmith will help you out, no problem at all. A local locksmith will assess the area and the damage that has been caused, recommend the service if you are unsure and get straight on with it. Lockman247 is your number one choice for locksmith services, call us now on 0333 700 2 247.


If a job is required to be completed under a warrant, sanction, eviction, etc. our team will ensure that the original keys are still in use, unless it is not reasonable to do so. Hassle and damage will always remain as minimal as possible our job is to help the contractor gain entry into the commercial or domestic property. All parties involved, contractor, us, and the property owner, will be satisfied with the job that Lockman247 completes. We charge on an hourly basis for warrant visits; however, it should not take us long to gain entry.

Licensed contractors come to us, and we help them complete a contract; however, we do ask that contractors can prove who they are and the legal rights they have, so we can ensure our team is doing legitimate work for our clients. We can also change locks to prevent someone from gaining entry when they have no right to be there.

Our team often works with contractors to help make contract-based visits as simple as possible. Whether you need our services day or night, your 24-hour locksmith will come to you and help gain entry to the property. Contact us today, and we can help you with your contract visits on 0333 700 2 247.



Lockman247 has now teamed up with Lockshop247. Lockshop 247 offers free delivery for anyone who spends £75 on the online and same day delivery if ordered before 5pm.