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Home and office security

Lockman 247 talks about the Importance of updating our home and office security Lee from Lockman 247 has been fitting and replacing locks for nearly 10 years. Over time he has been surprised by the number of homes and offices that have inadequate security. How have things changed? As time goes on, technology and techniques…

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The Covid pandemic stress

During the pandemic, it has been a difficult time for us all to navigate. We have all had to adapt our lives to the everchanging world that is around us during this pandemic season. Popping in and out of our homes to get food and other supplies, we have all forgotten to take care of…

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Covid-19 Locksmith services update

As we all know Covid-19 (coronavirus) is a pandemic that is affecting us all, your safety is of the utmost importance during this time. We are all aware of the rules, but since the UK went into lockdown, many businesses have unfortunately had to close temporarily. However, Lockman 247 is an essential business as we…

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Keep safe and secure this Christmas

Keep your home and business safe and secure this Christmas with a local emergency locksmith Christmas is a stressful time for all there are so many things to do, buy and wrap presents, cook extravagant dinners, host parties, and not get burgled. The last thing you want to worry about at Christmas is your locks,…

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