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At lockman247 Nottingham, we cover both commercial and domestic properties when they require an emergency locksmith in Nottingham. Your lock repair or replacement could be on the door to your new home, your commercial vehicle or a shopfront, wherever the emergency may be Lockman247 is here to help. Lockman247 is available to contact both day and night we understand that you can be locked out at midday or midnight, and that is why we are available 24/7 as the name suggests. So, contact us on 0115 7 401 365.

Local Locksmith with years of experiance

We have years of experience, and our specialists have learned to adapt their array of skills to each issue, as every lock is different. With years of experience, comes perfection, Lockman247 have developed our tools to progress with the industry technology, and whenever we do a lock repair or replacement, it is always executed with minimal damage, avoiding any unexpected costs in the future to arise. Also, our services are renowned for their swift arrival and completion of the job we aim to arrive after call-out between 20-60 minutes for emergency services and 1-2 hours for non-emergency services. Lockman247 Nottingham has you covered. Alongside this, our clients have always been very appreciative of our teams’ attitude, always leading with a smile and friendly-demeanour, do not just take our word for it, view our customer testimonials. Our testimonials are all reviews submitted by our clients as they are impressed with the services that Lockman247 provides, people like you, that have had emergencies like you, submitting testimonials for you.

Cost-effective locksmith in Nottingham

The services we provide are always cost-effective because we know that an additional cost to your everyday living or your business is not a great sound, so we keep costs minimal just to offer you that extra hand when reaching safety and security within your premises, we ensure that our clients’ expectations will be surpassed we guarantee that you will be left feeling safe and secure.


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Big Yellow Storage, 20 Lenton Lane, Nottingham, NG7 2NR

24 hours – 7 days a week

0115 7 401 365

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Safe and secure locksmith services you can trust

When a member of our Nottingham locksmith team arrives on-site, you will notice the yellow and silver van, with our Lockman247 logo embroidered on the side, this is to show that we are the company that you contacted and there will be no mistaking us, also, all members of the Nottingham locksmith team carry separate identification cards to display to our clients upon arrival, so you know who is working on your lock fixture, again this is to avoid any confusion that may occur. A member of our team, when repairing a lock or fixing one, they will try to let you utilise your old keys, where possible.

As said before, we offer non-emergency services, an example of this would be our keyless entry services, the door is then unlocked through a BlueTooth device (compatible with smartphone devices), and this will give you access to unlock or lock your door, preventing any unwanted people getting hold of your keys. This service also tracks who comes and goes into your property if you do give anyone a key. That is just a small example of the services lockman247 offer, f you do require any more information about the services provided contact us on 0115 7 401 365 or feel free to look around our site a little more.

Have you checked your locks recently?

Over time locks naturally wear and tear just like anything else, but that is why you should do checkups every so often, just to check the status of your lock, this minimises the chance of bumping into any emergency situations where your lock has broken but you are on the outside, this will prevent the normal issue turning into a time-limited emergency. If you do not make these regular checkups or get someone to make regular checkups, this leaves your premises vulnerable to burglaries and/or vandalism, businesses do not want to lose stock and for domestic properties, periods like Christmas see a spike in related crimes, so contact Lockman247 and make it difficult for them to get in.

Speak to a Locksmith in Nottingham

If you wish to speak to a locksmith in Nottingham, call us on 0115 7 401 365, or email us and you can receive a quote in no time. Take your first step to securing your property, and let us guide you with our top of the range locks.