Just about to launch a new service, for all customers old and new I will give you a free of charge key fob with  LockMan247 contact information on the top side and on the other side a message if you have found these keys please ring the number on the other side quoting the three digit reference number.

The sign up process is to fill out my web based form on my iPad while I am onsite and I will give you upto three tags to put on each bunch of keys you use with your unique reference number.

Then if you lose your keys and someone finds them they can ring my number 0333 700 2 247 and give me thier three digit reference number. I will take thier name and contact details but will never give out ANY of your details and these I will pass on directly to you via text, email or phone call.

Then you can arrange directly with them the return of your keys.

This is a free service for all of LockMan 247 Locksmith customers.