Are you looking for a Security assessment?

A security assessment, by definition, is a service performed by a company to identify the current security posture of an area. Traditionally, security assessments recommend improvements, allowing customers to mitigate the risk, and reach maximum safety and security.

This is what Lockman247 does for you, we will assess your commercial or domestic property, and we will inform our customers about their property’s current state of security. Our specialists will then recommend you potential services that you may want to improve the security of your property, further allowing you to mitigate against snapping locks, preventing you from being locked out or in and decrease your vulnerability to burglars, with our anti-snap locks. All of our services will allow you to achieve the utmost safety and security.

Our security assessments can be booked, but typically your local locksmith will execute this service, alongside the service you have already requested, this is done free of charge and allows our customers to know and understand the risks that their property may face. We can also handle any inquiries you may have after the security assessment. Everything that the Lockman247 team does, is to assist you and help satisfy each customer.

The lock and key repair and replacement industry is not a ‘one size fits all’ that is why we offer the security assessment, rather than a standard checklist that would leave our customers confused and unsure whether they have any of these issues. The security assessment that is conducted on-site is a much more efficient way of conducting business and keeping our customers satisfied, feel free to review our customer testimonials and see how we helped people like you through our customer security assessments.

There are many issues that are covered in the security assessment, to ensure that your property remains a safe environment, or can become a safe environment. Below are some of the topics that are covered in the free assessment;

  • Do the locks meet British Standard?
  • Are all locks the correct size?
  • Are the locks fitted correctly?
  • Can the windows be locked by the handle?
  • Is the UPVC up to industry standards?
  • Are there any alarms fitted around the premises?
  • Is the commercial or domestic property monitored?
  • How would someone gain entry if they wanted to/ needed to?
  • In the garden
    • Are the doors and windows of the shed secure?
    • Are there any ladders that may not be secure?
    • Is there adequate PIR lighting at doors where an intruder may attempt entry?
    • Are all of the gates secure around the premises to prevent entry from unwanted visitors?

Call your local Locksmith to discuss your requirements

Use our qualified and trained team to help secure your property

Our security assessments are conducted alongside (for free) our other lock services. Use our qualified and trained team to help secure your property in all aspects, making the commercial property perfect to conduct business or the domestic property family friendly. We can guarantee that we will satisfy all of our customers’ individual needs through our security assessments. Do not be reluctant to get in touch and understand the state of the security on your property today on 0333 700 2 247.