burglar aware in crewe today

How to Be Burglar aware in Crewe today!

It’s getting to the time of year. Darker nights are glooming over your city at earlier times while, burglaries are becoming more frequent. The sad truth is it can only take 9 seconds for a burglar to be in your house. Then for them to be stealing your valuable items and goods. You might be thinking I won’t be burgled. I will be fine to stay how I am. A burglary is committed every 40 seconds in the UK, and it happens to anyone, and you have to make sure your locks are snap safe and your home has the above standard security.

When Does a Burglar Normally Arrive?

It is commonly thought that burglaries occur at late nights but actually the most common time of a burglary is between the hours of 12pm and 4pm. This is due to variety of things but most people aren’t in the house at these times as they might be picking kids up from school or working. Be cautious all day long. 76% of burglars go through a door and not a window as it is seen to be quicker and better.

The majority of home break-ins are a result of chance and opportunity. Most burglars don’t want to go to great efforts and extreme lengths to get into your home. They target easy and simple points of entry. These are where most are likely to unnoticed and disregarded. Make sure your switched on and aware when you’re locking every door. Check and double check and check again.

64% of burglaries happen when someone is in the home and 30% of burglars see homeowners coming face to face with the burglar. You may not be home alone. The fact is your locks are the only thing protecting your valuable items and you as well. Recovering from a burglary is a mental struggle. But even more of an emotional and mental struggle if you have been in contact with a burglar. Trauma of being burgled isn’t a nice feeling and it brings your mood to a new low. Make sure your Locks are up to the date and to the standard and avoid this. These Burglars are ruthless and are very dangerous so be aware.

How can Lockman247 Help you prevent a burglar?

Lockman247 comes to your home and will fit snap safe locks on all your doors to provide a safer environment in your homes. Snap safe locks are significantly better than the standard locks on normal households. Burglars will more likely target houses without snap safe locks rather than houses with Snap safe Locks. If you require a service of your Locks needing to be changed to snap safe locks in the Crewe area, call 01270 342247.

burglar aware in crewe today

Where can you buy Snap safe Locks?

You can buy snap safe Locks on Lockshop247 and if you’re having trouble fitting them Lockman247 will come and fit them for you. These Locks are Locks that Lockman247 uses, and they are good and safe locks. Lockshop247 works with one of the most stocked and well-known suppliers in the country so trust them to be at the above standard for your security.