Terms and Conditions

The objective of this page is to explain to all customers the way I do business so there is no shocks at a later date.

I have an approach where I wish my customers to be treated fairly, the way I hope my parents would be treated.

I do pride myself of a fantastic customer service, however this relies on customers being fair also. So my T&C’s are about detailing that.

The list below is not exhaustive  and can be changed at any time.

Recorded Calls

Firstly all calls on business numbers are recorded. I record all calls because if I am working on a door I feel that I do not think it is appropriate to leave the door while charging by the hour. So I take the call but I do not need to take  notes because the call is recorded. I then get into my van after the completed job replay my message load the Sat Nav with the next job from the recording and proceed to the next address.

I also record calls to enable the be no confusion regarding what price I charge for the service I deliver. If there is a confusion we can always replay the recording whilst onsite to clarify on what basis this verbal contract was agreed.

Call Out Charge

I don’t charge a call out charge ever!

Cancelled Calls

Although I don’t charge a callout fee I do charge for wasted cancelled calls. The charge is applied and my own discretion and can be at a price up to the full hour labour charge already quoted. I feel that it is unfair to agree for services to be taken and then to cancel, especially when I meet the timescales agreed. I therefore apply a cancellation charge.

If I quote ETA of 1 hour and do not get to you within that hour and without any communication from me advising of traffic problems then I you wish to cancel then it is very unlikely for me to apply a cancelation charge.

One reason why I charge for cancelation calls is on more than one occasion I have got to site within the agreed ETA only to find another Locksmith on the door. This I feel is poor practice and I would not do this to any tradesman and I would not expect this to practice to be applied to myself.

Other poor practice I have experienced is when I have been called out and the customer continues to ring round for a cheaper quotation and if they get one the ring up and cancel even when I have travelled to them. Again this is an unfair practice. I do not charge a call out but I do not expect to be cancelled after booking because of this reason.

Warranty Calls

I provide a full 12 months warranty on all new parts supplied and if one of these parts failed then the part will be replaced free of charge and I would not charge for the labour to put this right either.

Warranty calls require a 24hour response to resolve. If I cannot get there within this time I will appoint a locksmith to carry out the warranty job and pay the replacement locksmith direct.

I will not contribute any monies to a locksmith not appointed by myself even if the part I supplied has failed.

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