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Locksmith in Telford – Stay Safe and Secure in the New Year

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New Year Same Locks

It’s now 2023 and we are in the new year. However, in Telford and around the Country the temperatures remain cold. Your Locks and gearboxes remain the same as the previous year and your locks may not be snap safe locks.  Your locks are affected by temperature changes, and this may cause problems that come at a high cost to fix. Don’t shy away as your Locksmith in Telford, Lockman247 can provide a solution.

Door realignment is one thing that can be affected by the cold temperature. People don’t take into consideration the door frame when it comes to these extreme temperatures. In the cold, the door frame has the potential to contract, leading to a bad fit between the lock installed and the door itself. This causes the door to be realigned.

Continuous pressure being push and applied to open your door is normally bad. However, when the door isn’t aligned properly and you’re forcing the handle up, this will cause big damage to your door while its being used. If the door is not aligned properly, forcing the handle up will cause big damage to the gearbox. To fix this would cost around 200 pound and it’s not something you want to be paying for at the start of the new year after a Christmas break or holiday.

The Burglary Threat

You’ve also got to be wary of burglaries in your area. You might be thinking that a burglary isn’t going to affect me. A burglary is committed every 40 seconds so it happens a lot more often than you may think. Make sure your locks are not snapable and provide security and protection to  you and your valuables. Did you know it takes 9 seconds to snap a standard front door lock and enter your home. Burglars target houses with Standard front door locks so to protect your home, you and your family make sure you have snap safe Locks to slow down or prevent burglars from snapping your locks.

Did you know that 64% of Burglaries happen when someone is at home. The sad truth is, this means you aren’t only protecting your valuables, but you are protecting yourself from being injured and hurt. While 64% of Burglaries happen when someone is at home, 30% of people see their burglars face to face. People never recover from the trauma of being burgled and always doubt and feel unsafe in their homes.

If you want to see crime in your area and see if crime rates are high or not use police.uk and type in your postcode or address. Although we cannot predict crime, it might be a good investment to get some snap safe locks installed in your doors to make it hard for burglars.

Locksmith in Telford

Lockman247 can come today and install snap safe locks on all your doors to provide a safer environment in your homes. Snap safe locks are significantly better than the standard locks on normal households. Burglars will more likely target houses without snap safe locks rather than houses with Snap safe Locks.